All an Arkansas man wants for Christmas is a chicken


An Arkansas man is hoping to find a chicken under the tree on Christmas morning.

The request comes after his chance encounter with a neighbor’s wandering Rhode Island Red.

Dustin Bently found the “lost” feathered friend in his backyard.

“She came right up to me,” he says.

The unlikely chicken rescuer surprised himself and wasted no time turning an old dog house into a coop.

“She was pretty cool. She was eating worms out of my hands and everything,” says Bently.  

Before he knew it, he was attached and named the chicken “Daisy.”

“I don’t know anything about chickens,” he continues. “I posted on Facebook. A lot of people had great advice for me. One mentioned someone had lost a chicken on the same block as me.”

He soon discovered the chicken he had taken under his wing had a name (“Cheep Cheep”) and an owner who had been looking for not one but two missing chickens.

“It was her. She went back to mom,” Bently says. 

But she left him with quite an impression.

“To have a relationship with something like that in such a short amount of time…I didn’t know chickens have personalities. I guess she was super sweet and so now I want to get my own chicken,” he says. “I’m prepared.” 

And that’s why he’s dropping hints to his wife about getting his own chicken for Christmas.

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