Continued shutdown affecting American farmers


Farmers are feeling the pinch of the shutdown. The shutdown is causing difficulties for American agriculture, and farm belt lawmakers are doing what they can to help. 

Kentucky Republican Congressman James Comer said America’s farmers are hurting.

He said farmers are already hurt by the trade war with China, and the shutdown adds more stress.

“Most of the farmers have already signed up for the programs for the coming year. There are a few that haven’t, but I think farmers are still hopeful that the president’s got their back,” Somer said. 

Democrats blame the president for the shutdown.

California Democratic Congressman John Garamendi said President Trump could open the government today if he was willing to negotiate with Democrats on border security.

And with no deal in sight, Garamendi said farmers should start preparing for the worst.

“If it goes much longer they will miss their planting opportunities,” Garamendi said. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is reopening many offices for three days so farmers can apply for loans.

Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue hopes that it provides some relief during a tough time.

“Obviously there is anxiety out here with people having bills to pay. There is no doubt about that. But our people are working,” Perdue said. 

But Kansas Republican Congressman Roger Marshall said it’s just a temporary relief, and farmers need certainty ahead of planting season.

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