16 high school marching bands compete at 22nd Annual Starfest Marching Band Festival


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — They’re usually featured at halftime but on Saturday, the bands were the whole show.

KCAU 9’s Kenneth Kroll brings us the sounds and excitement from the 22nd Annual Starfest Marching Band Competition.

“This the 22nd annual Starfest marching band festival. We have 16 bands from the tri-state area,” said Brain Cole the band director for North High School.

“Just like a marching competition, just a bunch of bands come and play, it’s a really great time,” said Campbell Hansen a snare drummer for Woodbury Central.

“Bands from, we’re 1A, and it goes all the way up to the bigger schools that have a lot more people in their band so it’s really cool to see everyone come together.” Gracia Widman a Woodbury Central clarinet player said.

“Go out and we compete and then we get ranked in our classes and if you make finals you preform again later,” said Courtney Aden a percussionist from Cherokee.

“Um.. this is my first year at Starfest and my first year of high school marching band so I’m really excited, kind of nervous,” mentioned a marching band member.

“I think it’s really cool when we finally can get our songs and our sets put together,” another band member said.

“well it’s a lot of hard work to kind of get where we are right now and it’s a lot at first and it kind sucks but once we get everything down,” added Widman.

“I really like the tradition of it, our school has been doing it for a really long time and I think its just a really neat thing and like she said it’s a lot of hard work but we have the final product and it all come together I think it looks really awesome and really cool,” said a Woodbury Central band member.

“It’s only 15 minutes but honestly it’s… it’s a blast, I love… it’s just a whole new experience being out on the field,” Aden added.

Here’s what some band members said when they were asked how they think they did.

“I think we did.. ok. I drop my stick the first movement but we’re not going to talk about that,” Hansen explained.

Some of the band members also offered advice for others.

“Practice, practice, practice,” mentioned Aden.

Widman said, “Seems like a lot and you’ll never be able to play the crazy stuff that you hear people playing but really it’s just little steps and anyone can do it.”

“Work hard, do your best and anyone can play any instrument as long as you put in enough practice into it,” added Hansen.

“Stick with it and to keep working hard cause music can take you really far and I think that’s really neat,” another band member mentioned.

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