Mental Wellness Wednesday: Family therapy

Mental Wellness Wednesday

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Families can bring some of the strongest, yet most complex relationships we’ll ever experience. That closeness within a family can also spark conflict, but family therapy can help improve communication, leading to better cooperation.

“Sometimes think that we shouldn’t talk about something because it might create more stress, or I don’t want to worry mom, or I don’t want to worry my husband, or I don’t want to do something that might create more conflict, then they start to maybe hold things inside,” said Rodey Stronck, Clinical Therapist at the Boys and Girls Home in Sioux City.

Holding things inside can lead to problems within the family, causing conflict.

“When we hold things inside, it comes out somewhere, and many times sit comes out in our behavior or how we interact with others, so we might be more angry or temperamental or be more frustrated and angry and act out a little more,” Stronck said.

Family therapy can help everyone share their individual perspectives, no matter their age. Even if you have a four or five-year-old child. They can share things that they see like “mommy and daddy are always fighting and it bothers me”.

Family counselors often use games and/ or toys to help start those conversations, so all the people in the family can offer their views and opinion. This can help families identify behavioral challenges they often don’t recognize on their own.

Giving between 15 to 20 minutes of downtime when getting home from work or school can help families relax. Don’t just jump into asking your family questions right when they walk in the door, that can lead to more conflict and anger. Allowing for some downtime allows families to breathe and relax after getting home from work or school.

Sometimes when a child comes home from school, they may have some struggles of their own too and just need that downtime to relax.

To move forward as a family in a healthy way, how are you going to make things different, ask yourselves how can each member of the family maybe help with managing that stress from school or work.

It is very important to always communicate with your family, communicate your needs, especially parents.

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