Support Siouxland Soldiers Sends Love Overseas

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, for some Siouxland families, sending a card packed with love has more miles to travel this year.

That’s because it’s going overseas, to sons and daughters called to duty for the love of their country.

Support Siouxland Soldiers is at it again, packing up a little bit of love, for soldiers, fighting in the line of fire.

They’re the sights and sounds of support.

The Sioux City based group, Support Siouxland Soldiers is packing up these boxes with necessities, and sweets for Valentines Day.

The group puts together packages for almost every holiday, but this is Anita Collier’s first package.

Her son just landed in Kuwait yesterday.

Dawn Breece’s son caleb is also taking his turn overseas, he’s being deployed for a year.

“When I found out about this I was excited because there are so few things we can do for military, and since my son is in the army and he’s stationed in Baghdad, Iraq, I want to get involved and not only send things to him, but support the other soldiers,” says Breece.

Dawn says support by way of sweets, is the least they can do for the military men and women serving our country.

That’s why many of these family members are taking an hour out of their Saturday for packing for their soldiers, to make at least one day away from home a little easier.

Support Siouxland Soldiers wrapped up more than 50 boxes to be sent overseas within the next week.

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