SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) — Thanksgiving is three days away and people are planning and preparing their turkey dinners but if they want to deep fry a turkey, the South Sioux City Fire Department is warning every one of its dangers.

Annually, fire departments across the country respond to nearly 1,000 calls related to deep fryers. South Sioux City’s fire chief said a lack of patience and paying attention to what’s cooking have led to the majority of fire calls during the holidays.

However, there are some crucial tips people should follow if they want to safely prepare deep-fried turkey this Thanksgiving.

“Yes, make sure it’s thawed out completely, but also take a towel and dry it off from the moisture, because water and oil don’t mix, so you get another flash reaction there,” said Terry Johnson of the South Sioux City Fire Department.

Johnson also said it’s important to deep fry outdoors and away from any buildings or decks. When the cooking is done, properly dispose of the oil by letting it cool down, packing it in a sealed container, and throwing it away with the other trash.