Celebrating Women: Mayo uses “give and take” to keep busy life on track

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After having three children in 3 years some woman might consider slowing down and taking it easy.
That’s not how the focus of Wednesday’s Celebrating Women segment is seeing it. For Sioux City Community School District Director of Communications Mandy Mayo, it’s full speed ahead.  Mayo knows how to keep busy.  She has a three-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a 4-month-old at home.  That’s on top of the 15,000 youngsters she’s in charge of keeping track of at work.

“The greatest blessing I have in this job is being able to share all the wonderful things our students do.” “And who doesn’t love seeing the kids doing really cute things,” said Mandy Mayo.  Mayo is in charge of sharing the things happening in our schools, all while making memories of her own at home with three young children. “So there’s no such thing as balance is what I would say. It’s a matter of give and take,” Mayo added.

Although it’s hard balancing a busy work and home life, Mandy says it’s due in part to a lot of help. And an overlapping of both her worlds.

“It’s never one of those I have the weight of the world on my shoulders I have a very collaborative environment where we all are working to advance the mission of the students of the Sioux city schools and it’s such a blessing to come work at a place that feels like an extension of family. And when work feels like family.. you make the time to do it all,” added Mayo.  “I think when you have a passion for your career and a passion for your family life you find a way to make it all work.” 

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