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Warning signs teachers should look for in childhood trauma

Mercy Child Advocacy Center shares spotting tips

SIOUX CITY, Iowa - Teachers, daycare providers and other professionals spend a huge amount of time with kids throughout the day.

If you play one of those significant roles, it's important to know the responsibility of spotting crisis in a child's life.

You may have kids come to you and talk about lots of different things because they know you and trust you. providers should know what to do in that situation if the child does come to them and raises a red flag. Mercy Child Advocacy Center manager Amy Scarmon explains what you should do.

"I think the main thing is that if you're ever concerned that a child is being hurt, neglected, sexually abused, anything like that...that a report gets made immediately whether its to your local law enforcement agency, or to the iowa department of human services or whatever state that you're in," says Scarmon.

When you start to notice kids are different than they normally are, if physical injuries are visible, if there's any sexual acting out, if they seem withdrawn, those are all warning signs to act on.

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