SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – There are millions of households experiencing food insecurity, even here in Siouxland. The Food Bank of Siouxland works to help those who rely on them.

Right now, Virginia Stainbrook’s home is her car. She says on even a good day, the cost of food and basic needs are almost unattainable. With the pandemic, Stainbrook says she doesn’t see how she could possibly afford the essentials.

“I would say mostly, the last six to eight months things have just been out of sight,” Stainbrook said.

She, like many other Siouxlanders, relies on options like the mobile food pantry.

“It just helps us get by, I mean, things in the grocery store have doubled, Your gasoline has doubled. It’s just out of sight. You got to have some of this stuff, mostly this fresh produce to make it, you know, if you want to eat all month,” Stainbrook added.

The Food Bank of Siouxland collects food and hands it out to organizations like Voices for Food. They also happen to be the Food Bank’s partner in helping provide fresh locally grown produce to Siouxlanders, something that Food Bank of Siouxland’s Executive Director Jacob Wanderscheid said is needed in Sioux City.

“In a lot of cases, it’s not that someone doesn’t have enough food. It’s about getting the right food to them, So if we can provide them healthy protein and fresh produce, that would really help improve their health and their diet.” options Wanderscheid said.

Food insecurity nationally and locally has become an increasingly worse problem as the pandemic imposes many restrictions for millions of families. The USDA estimates that more than 11 million children in the U.S. live in food-insecure households as of 2018. Globally, the pandemic could nearly double the number of people suffering severe hunger, totaling more than a quarter of a billion people by the end of the year.

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For Siouxlanders like Stainbrook, organizations like the Food Bank of Siouxland is the little light of hope during dark times.

“You figure it’s always going to be here, that helps a bunch,” Stainbrook said.

During just one event, the mobile pantry distributes nearly 4-5,000 pounds of food. If you are interested in joining their next pantry or becoming a volunteer, click here.