ONAWA, Iowa (KCAU) – The “Food 4 You” program serves the community of Onawa, where President Sheri Joyner and her group of volunteers are working to fight hunger in that part of Siouxland, one box of food at a time.

Rebecca Pierce relies on the “Food 4 You” program to get through the month.

“This is actually my third time coming here. My husband lost his job and I’m on disability, because I broke my back three times, and so, and he’s got heart trouble right now so this has been really good for us,” Pierce said.

Sheri Joyner is the president of “Food 4 You”. The program provides boxes of food, free of charge, to people who need it..

“We get donations from churches, businesses, individuals. And we take those donations and purchase food from the Siouxland food bank. One dollar is good for 13 pounds of food,” said Joyner.

On the 4th Thursday of every month, Joyner and her team receive a food-filled truck from the Food Bank of Siouxland.

“Then we unload the pallets into how we want the distribution to go. Once that’s done, we start filing boxes. We go from the beginning of the line all the way around to fill the boxes. And everybody gets the same thing,” said Joyner.

Picking up the food is as simple as driving up, popping your trunk, and receiving food for the month.

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“There’s a lot of food-insecure people, and they can’t necessarily drive to other food giveaways in other towns. So we bring it here to them and it’s very rewarding to see the people so grateful when we hand out the boxes,” Joyner said.

“I think it’s very positive for the community for the fact that a lot of these people are poor in this community and they can’t afford groceries,” Pierce said.

Joyner said that in August, they gave away food to 490 people in Onawa, which cost the program about $550.