Web Exclusive: Colorado woman fears the worst after unknowingly leaving horses with murderer

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PARK COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) – People who are passionate about training horses can treat them as a member of the family. That’s why talking about what happened in the fall of 2018 can be difficult for Sonja Oliver from Colorado.

“I’m near to tears right now just talking to you because it has been that upsetting,” Oliver said Tuesday.

The Park County, Colorado, woman was moving to Arkansas to be closer to her grandchildren. She arranged for her farrier (a horseshoe expert) of five years to find a good home for her horses Easter and Cinnamon.

“He told me that it was a friend that he went to high school with,” Oliver said. “I thought I could trust him.”

That trust was shattered a month later, after the man she left her horses with, Patrick Frazee, was arrested for murdering his fiancee Kelsey Berreth.

“He committed murder,” Oliver said. “So there you go. You just don’t know people you think you know.”

Oliver says she hasn’t seen her horses since and now is left wondering what Frazee did to them.

“My main concern is that they did not ever make it to this family,” Oliver said. “I wouldn’t have given them to any stranger, you know what I’m saying. I thought I could trust this person because I knew him for five years. And now I feel I let them down, like I betrayed them.”

Oliver says she’s been in contact with animal control, two counties’ sheriff’s offices, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Colorado Branding Association.

Even after getting in touch with Frazee’s attorney, Oliver still has no answers as to where her horses are and didn’t get any money out of the deal.

“I just am angry at myself and I’m embarrassed because I stuck my neck out for someone who I thought was a friend,” Oliver said.

Easter is an 18-year-old grade gelding believed to be mostly Quarter Horse with Tennessee Walker and Fox Trotter in the mix.

Cinnamon is a 15-year-old American Paint Association papered mare. She is listed as a Quarter Horse Paint.

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