SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) — Michael Still’s decision to join the US Navy wasn’t entirely his own. It was more of an option.

As a teenager, Still and his friends stole a Corvette and went for a joyride.

“So they gave me an option of getting prosecuted or serving in the service because I was planning on doing that anyway,” Still said.

He joined the Navy as a Seaman and spent time on the USS Albert David during the Vietnam War, but it wasn’t at sea, that Still was injured. It was during a car crash, in Seattle, during basic training.

“We skidded right into him and t-boned it,” Still said. “I put my arms on the dashboard and locked my elbows.”

Still attributes his arthritis to that crash. While he was happy to return home in 1969, Still said he and other veterans were treated poorly for their service in the Vietnam War. That, he said, was a different type of injury.

“I’ve had quite a bit of counseling in the past,” Still said. “My dad was a pretty good counselor, so I was lucky there.”

After the service, Still spent time working various jobs in Sioux City. He said he’s thankful for the discipline and friendships he developed from his time in the military.