SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Pete Morgan returned to where he grew up a few weeks back over Veterans Day weekend, both to check out the new Siouxland Freedom Park and also to present his story to Ponca students at their annual Veterans Day program.

His experience in the military began at age 17 when he got into the Naval Acadamy in Maryland. From there, he’d serve for 24 years, working his way up to being unit commander. One of his favorite roles was working with vertical replenishment, supplying the Navy carriers with just about everything the soldiers might need.

“We hit every ship, we’d go to the carrier, re-supply, take it around, and deliver all the people and parts and food and mail. We were also the mail man,” said Morgan.

However, Morgan’s final two tours were at the nation’s defense headquarters, the Pentagon. On the morning of one of America’s darkest days, Morgan was scheduled to meet his admiral there. Luckily, the meeting was moved and Morgan was still at his office down the road when tragedy struck.

“I was fortunate. Probably I think it was a little divine intervention, I wasn’t supposed to be there so the folks I was meeting with, they fortunately were able to get out, they crawled out. Their office was in the D-ring in that wedge so just outside, and just right where the impact was,” said Morgan.

Now, Morgan continues to spread the values the Navy’s taught him and spoke on why it was important for him to return to northeast Nebraska where he learned leadership skills from a young age.

“And having that focus on honor, courage, and commitment. You have to have that because if you don’t have that moral compass, you will be lost and that’s where it’s taught, right here,” said Morgan.