SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The majority of this Navy veterans service was spent working with top secret information during the Vietnam War.

“I knew sooner or later I was going to get drafted. So, I cut class one day, and joined the Navy,” said Vietnam Veteran Bill Morgan.

In November 1961, Bill Morgan began his military career during the Vietnam War.

“So when I finished boot camp, I went to Pensacola, Florida for communication school. And it was more or less a radio school where you learned sending and receiving Morse code. They do a background check on you, thorough background check on you, and they issue you a clearance, so I was cleared for a top secret Crypto clearance,” Morgan said.

Though Morgan served during the Vietnam War, he didn’t step foot in Vietnam.

“So my job, the whole time I was in, was to keep an eye on the Russian fleet. And believe it or not, we knew where every one of their ships and every one of their submarines were at all times,” Morgan said.

However, the Russians weren’t Morgan’s only focus.

“I have a citation here, that was for an episode that happened in 1964 where the Vietnamese, North Vietnamese PT boats, torpedo boats, were attacking a couple of our ships,” said Morgan.

It was Morgan’s job to pass on the order to retaliate.

“And of course we did that, and then of course the cheering began because they wiped them out in no time,” said Morgan.

When Morgan returned stateside, he started serving his country in a new way.

“I immediately joined the American Legion. Homer had a pretty good post at that time. Our motto was ‘Veterans Still Serving’ and that’s what we did,” Morgan said.

Morgan has been a member of Homer Post 97 for 55 years and now, he wants to see more veterans rally around each other.

“Right now, Homer has a post, Dakota City has a post, Jackson has a post, South Sioux City has a post, but everybody is losing membership and we’re losing many more to death than we are enrolling,” Morgan said.

Morgan also said one of his more fond memories during his time in the Pacific was playing football against the Marines. He said his team was to be reckoned with.