Study: parenthood raises stress levels


Let’s be honest moms and dads, having the first kid is tough.

Getting used to having sleep deprivation, financial stress, and recovery from childbirth can all contribute to an increased stress level.

But how bad is it really? Well researchers in Germany wanted to find out.

They studied 20,000 couples, both before and after childbirth. The couples rated their happiness on a 10 point scale.

After the birth of a first child, their happiness level dropped one and a half points, in that very hard first year.

That drop is far greater than the one point drop after the death of a partner and three times greater than the drop in happiness following divorce.

Parents who waited longer to have children and were more highly educated had a greater loss in happiness following childbirth.

Along with the stress of how to support more children, it led many couples to forgo having second children.

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