Study: coffee now considered good for you


Hey all you coffee lovers out there, you will love this story!

Questions over the health benefits of everyone’s favorite morning pick me up have been debated for decades, even centuries.

But the latest study has yielded positive results.

Recent studies have shown three to five cups a day can reduce your risk of everything from heart disease to computer related back pain.

So enjoy this new while you can guys, because the debate will rage on from study to study.

But don’t take our word for it, here are a few historical examples of experts takes on that cup of Joe.

– 1500’s – Shortly after the discovery of coffee beans in, coffee houses flourished in the Arab world, but they were briefly banned when patrons were deemed more likely to engage in gambling and “criminally unorthodox sexual behavior.”

– 1700’s – Coffee got the thumbs up in the post Boston Tea Party America, when tea was deemed unpatriotic, and it credited with enabling colonists to work longer hours.

– 1916 – Coffee was faulted for stunting growth.

– 1927 – Researchers said kids who drank coffee got bad grades.

– 1980’s – One study said five cups a day could give you a heart attack.

So now it that coffee is good for us again, drink up before researchers change their minds.

On ABC9 News This Morning, Jessica Rae and Scott Larson chatted about their shared love of coffee.

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