How to turn stress into a positive


Life can be stressful sometimes. It is a common occurrence, and is something that we all deal with.

In fact, a survey found that one in two Americans reported feeling stressed in the past year.

But what if there was a way to turn life’s stresses intro strengths?

Well if you listen to Kelly McGonigal, there is.

McGonigal is a Stanford researcher and author, and says that stress can make you stronger, smarter and happier, if you learn to think about it the right way.

She has a few tips on how to do that. They include:

– looking at the symptoms of stress, like a pounding heart, as empowering signs that your body is preparing you for action.

– channel your energy by asking yourself what specific actions you can take to respond.

– use stress as an opportunity to bond with others, either by sharing your troubles or helping them through theirs.

On ABC9 News This Morning, Jessica Rae and Scott Larson discussed McGonigal’s teachings.

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