Study suggests covering eyes could be beneficial during pandemic


(ABC) – According to a new study, covering your eyes could possibly help keep you safe from COVID-19.

A new study in Lancet provides new additional evidence that proves just how effective public health recommendations for COVID-19 are: standing at least three to six feet away from others and covering your eyes, nose, and mouth to reduce transmission.

According to researchers in Canada, our current public health measures have merit.

As little as three feet of physical distance can help reduce the risk of transmitting the virus, but more distance is even better. Six feet or more might cut that risk in half.

All masks when worn over the nose and mouth help. The CDC has posted recommendations on their website on how to create an effective clothe face covering. Research shows that large glasses or goggles may also provide a safety benefit.

Study authors emphasize that no measure is 100% effective, so don’t forget in addition to wearing a face-covering in public and maintaining at least six feet of distance from others outside, to also keep up the other recommendations put forth by public health experts like washing hands and avoid touching your face.

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