Some myths about the spread of coronavirus are surfacing on social media


(KELO) – People are encouraged to wear masks whenever they leave the house, but there are some myths around face coverings that are spreading on social media.

A common myth is that masks decrease oxygen intake and weaken the immune system, but infectious disease specialist Dr. Wendell Hoffman with Sanford Health said there’s no evidence for either statement.

Another myth is that “science is mixed” when it comes to the effectiveness of masks, but Dr. Hoffman said that’s not the case.

“Being outside, you have the benefit of rapid dissipation of the respiratory particles that are coming out of all of us. They kind of circulate away from us. In the indoor space, they’re contained. There are data now, that shows both small and large droplet nuclei can hang in the air for minutes, maybe even hours,” he said.

Dr. Hoffman said not all masks are created equal, but any face covering is providing some amount of protection against the spread of the virus. The doctor said mask-wearing should also be used with proper handwashing and other health procedures to slow the spread.

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