Rep. Steve King: Coronavirus stimulus checks unlikely before November


(KCAU) – In a conversation with KCAU 9, U.S. Rep. Steve King said he believes stimulus talks are being stalled in Washington D.C. as both parties try to gain an advantage ahead of the election.

“Businesses have an incentive of profit for everyone that’s involved in whatever kind of arrangement. We’re all supposed to be winners. But politics is different. It’s getting more and more polarized, buts it’s people’s heads against each other until somebody cries uncle and then you get a deal. So watch it from that perspective, see what happens. I think the odds are a little less than 50/50 that we get a relief package before the election, but I do expect we’ll have one after,” said Rep. Steve King.

King also discussed recent news that EPA would be denying most requests for small-refinery waivers that would allow oil refineries to opt out of blending biofuels into gasoline. King said that the nearing election may have played apart in the decision.

“Only four of 68 wavier requests were approved by the EPA, well I look at that and I think, well did the president direct the admin of the EPA to take his foot of the brake on ethanol and maybe put in on the throttle a little bit for us in the Midwest? I mean, that’s gotta help the electoral results also” said King.

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