High school seniors reflect on lost milestones: ‘We’re in this together’


BOISE, Idaho (CBS2) — “All of us were talking about it jokingly just like oh you know I bet this is going to be the last time I see you guys, whatever, whatever,” said Capital High School senior Leeann Barton. “If I would have known that definitely wouldn’t have taken it so much for granted.”

Barton, like many other seniors, couldn’t have imagined ending her high school career from behind her own computer screen.

“I’ve cried quite a few times just because it’s like we’re missing out on even if they are small monumental moments they still are things I had the expectation of happening. Like I said the walk through the school and the senior prank and senior skip, all that stuff.”

Gavin Bulifant, a senior at Nampa High School, was looking forward to prom. He and his girlfriend of many years chose not to go to their junior prom.

“We were gonna go to prom this year, do it really big,” Bulifant said. “I just got a pretty nice car this year, we were gonna roll up in that looking all fancy and stuff but yeah now that’s not going to happen.”

It’s a difficult feeling for these seniors.

“People are sick and people are dying and so in a sense I kind of feel selfish for feeling the way that I do,” said Barton.

But with the uncertainty over the next few months and the chance that they might not get to walk the stage at graduation, it’s hard not to feel disappointed.

“We work 12 years I feel like specifically for that moment,” said Barton. “Walking across the stage and the 30 seconds that you get when your name’s said… it’s such a big moment.”

“I’m enlisting in the military so within the next six months I’ll be in Chicago and then South Carolina for the rest of my adult life, so that may have been the last time that I’ve interacted with some of these people for the rest of my life,” said Bulifant. “The worst part is, who do I get upset with about that? Because I can’t control the situation, nobody has any control over this situation.”

As for what they’d want their fellow seniors to know:

“We’re in this together and like we’ve got this you know. We’re gonna get through it and we’re going to be okay,” said Barton. ”You know at the end of the day even if it’s not in a positive way we’re gonna go down in history. We’re going to be the class that kinda goes down in history and if you can find the silver lining, find that piece.”

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