Health experts looking at how virus impacts kids


NEW YORK CITY (ABC News) – As health officials and state leaders continue to weigh the consequences of reopening the economy while trying to keep their residents safe, there’s an increasing spotlight on how the virus impacts children. Particularly involving a complication at least a dozen kids are experiencing.

As the number of deaths and hospitalizations climbs across the U.S. daily, one of the few fortunate facets of the COVID-19 pandemic is that children have been largely unaffected by the virus, but that doesn’t mean they’re not contributing to the spread.

“Even if the kids themselves may not develop symptoms or get very sick if they acquire the coronavirus, they’re likely to bring it home and infect the adults in the home,” Doctor Juan Dumois of John Hopkin’s All Children’s Hospital said.

And perhaps even more frightening is that children are not entirely immune to experiencing symptoms and complications from the virus. Some of them, like 12-year-old Juliet Daly of Louisiana, have faced th terrifying illness.

“After they put the breathing tube down her throat, her heart stopped. And they had to do extreme measures, they had to do 2 minutes of CPR on her,” Juliet’s mother Jennifer Daly said.
I never thought would have to see my child go through anything like that. And it was terrifying.

This type of complication in children was first reported last month in Europe, but now at least 15 children in New York City are showing similar symptoms, and the New York Department of Health is issuing a warning.

They say the children’s symptoms including fever, rash and stomach illness similar to a rare condition called Kawasaki disease which causes inflammation in the blood vessels and can lead to heart problems.

“Most children who get covid infection or coronavirus infection, will not develop this. However, those that do, it can lead to dire consequences from the cardiovascular system,” said Dr. James Schneider.

The National Institute of Health has now launched a federally funded study to learn how COVID-19 is impacting children. It will be conducted over months, examining thousands of kids.

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