Welcome to the KCAU 9 Weather Watch system. We are excited to have the most state-of-the-art system with features designed to give you maximum flexibility while using as little of your time as necessary. Our system is optimized for speed, accuracy and security.

A reminder that your assigned ID codes remains the same year after year.  We ask that you keep us updated with your latest contact name, phone number and email information. 

Please email that information to news@kcautv.com

Helpful Hint: TAKE YOUR WEATHER CODE INFORMATION HOME WITH YOU.  You will likely not be at the office when you need to post a closing.  And have a backup person who is also authorized to post a closing; someone you can contact if you are out of town, lose internet service, or lose phone service.Here is how it works:We recommend that you use our online feature for closings and delays: KCAU’s Secure Web Access. This site lets you choose a pre-defined status or enter your own custom message.


Status Options:The following statuses are already configured in the system, with their corresponding status codes. We recommend using the secure web interface. You can either choose one of these statuses which offers two layers with primary and secondary choices, or you can type your own status which will require station approval before posting.For simple same day CLOSINGS, you should choose Closed as Primary Status and then day of week from Time Period box.

Here is a list of all the pre-defined options:


Open (Removes status)
Closed (with day choices)
Delayed (add amount of hours)
Closing at (add specific time)
No AM Kindergarten
No PM Kindergarten
No Evening Activities
No Evening Classes
Buses are running…late
Buses on main roads only
2 Hour Late Start
Closing 2 Hours Early
10am Late Start
No AM Preschool

No AM Kindergarten
No PM Kindergarten
No Evening Activities
No Evening Classes
Teachers Must Report
Buses on Main Roads Only
Due to Power Outage
Due to Water Main Break
No AM Preschool
No Evening Services