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The historic "last print issue" of the Carter-Mondale Letter, now out for "Fall 2023", features an article by Bob Weiner, former chief of staff of the House Aging Committee, on the Claude Pepper law, signed by President Carter in 1978 following a meeting with the Aging Committee, to abolish mandatory retirement at 65, with decisions from then on to be made on merit except in high risk occupations. The historic final print issue also includes an official White House photo of the meeting with President Carter, Chairman Pepper, Bob, and members of the Aging Committee.

Following this "last" print newsletter (as the Carter Center announced on the back cover), "Future issues will be via email."

Links to the photo, newsletter article, and photo of back cover announcement:

Photo of Robert Weiner with President Jimmy Carter:

• In the last printed issue of Carter-Mondale Newsletter -- Fall 2023: https://www.weinerpublic.com/Carter1.pdf

• Article and photo of Robert Weiner with President Carter and Chairman Pepper at House Aging Committee meeting at White House where Carter supported (and later signed) bill banning age discrimination in employment: https://www.weinerpublic.com/Carter2.pdf

In the historic final print newsletter, in the full-page article and photo, the article is titled, "Carter, Pepper Struck a Blow Against Age Discrimination.

The article states:

President Carter teamed up with septuagenarian U.S. Rep. Claude Pepper to address age discrimination in America.

Pepper (D-Florida) was chairman of the House Select Committee on Aging and national co-chair of Senior Citizens for Carter. Together, they proposed legislation that would end the mandatory retirement age in government service and raise the mandatory retirement age from 65 to 70 in the private sector. They later pushed a second bill banning all age-based forced retirement in private and public except in certain high-risk jobs.

The article continues:
"With assistance by Rosalynn Carter in setting it up, President Carter met with the 30 members of the House Select Committee on Aging on July 15, 1977 at the White House.

The president expressed support for the Anti-Mandatory Retirement Bill, which he ultimately signed into law on April 6, 1978. President Cartert said that his mother, Miss Lillian, demonstrated "every day that those who are past the age of 65 or even more can live a healthy, productive, and very inspiring life."

Pepper, who was 77 at the time President Carter signed the bill, said that had he been forced to retire at 65, "I don't know if I'd be alive today," He called the White House meeting historic, "giving impetus to help millions of elderly."

The photo caption, also in the Carter Center newsletter as half of the full-page, states, "President Carter meets at the White House with members of the House Select Committee on Aging, July 15, 1977. From left, Rep. Fred Rooney, Mildred Pepper, Committee Chairman Claude Pepper, President Carter, committee Chief of Staff Robert Weiner, White House Counselor on Aging Nelson Cruikshank, and Rep. Ed Roybal." President Carter also included on the photo a personal signed note to Bob dated 7-77.

Weiner and Lasky express their deepest condolences to President Carter and his family on the death of Rosalynn Carter, who was instrumental in setting up the Aging Committee meeting with the president.

The bio notes under the article state:

About the Author: Robert Weiner was committee chief of staff for Rep. Claude Pepper. Weiner was a 1976 Carter/Mondale campaign aide in the Atlanta national headquarters, member of the Clinton and Bush White House staff, and is currently head of an op-ed writing group recruiting young journalists; it won the National Press Club President's Award. National Press Club member Ben Lasky contributed to this story.

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