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AEX Global 9th Anniversary Celebration, $90,000 Bonus Giveaway

DUBAI, UAE, June 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- AEX Global 9th Anniversary Celebration Opens with 90,000 USDT Bonus to fight against bear market. From June 14th to June 30th, global users who manage their crypto assets at AEX, share stories on Twitter, with #aexturns9 or join the AEX telegram and be active in the community, can participate in the airdrop sharing activities.

AEX Global has a rich financial business model, with three major financial business derivatives products- finance, lending and ASwap liquidity mining - that provide users with rich channels to earn cryptocurrency, and they are also the foundation of AEX. Gratefully, AEX Global 9th anniversary benefits will be sent in the AEX Finance part first.

The financial ranking event will give away a cumulative total of 1BTC, 9ETH and 545,000 USDT in the airdrops, and the top 100 users in the leaderboard can share the bonus. During the campaign, the No.1 of leaderboard will be rewarded with 1 BTC for investing in BTC, ETH and USDT DeFi smart pool/regular finance. the top 10 players will be rewarded with USDT worth close to 10,000. The top 100 users can divide the airdrop of over $20,000 based on the total amount invested. In addition, participate in investing in BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC DeFi smart pool and sign up to enjoy an interest rate increase.

Not only the operational activities to increase the user benefit, Twitter @aexglobal launched a new "AEX and Me, 1,000 USDT Waiting for You!", AEX Finance was officially launched in April 2019, and has brought more than $200 million to the crypto assets of tens of thousands of users over the past 3 years, with a cumulative total of over 13,000 participating users and a cumulative investment of about $50 billion, making it the digital asset service platform with the highest reputation in the industry.

"Community Bonus, Share 90,000 GAT" has a very low participation threshold. New users who enter the AEX community Telegram for the first time will have the opportunity to receive 99 GAT rewards. AEX is in the acceleration period of the global ecosystem establishment. Various airdrop benefits can be obtained in the community. AEX Institute will also provide users with up-to-date information in crypto industry.

This celebration of AEX Global's ninth anniversary includes all of the product of Term Earnings and Flexible Earnings, DeFi Smart Pool, Staking, Dual Investment, Fixed Savings, Lending, Instalment Purchase, Aswap, etc., with some of the best APRs in the industry today. For nine years, AEX Global has been providing users in more than 100 countries and regions around the world with continuous, safe and stable asset appreciation and financial turnover services.

The financial business $90,000 airdrop in AEX Global 9th Anniversary is just an appetizer, more and more benefits will come soon, stay tuned!


About AEX Global

AEX Global is a cryptocurrency exchange established in 2013 and committed to becoming an international "digital life service provider" to provide 1 billion users with a diversified digital assets management service which is safe, completed and easy to use. AEX advocates safe investment and stable asset appreciation. It provides policy protection for users' assets with crypto licenses and fiat currency compliance. More than millions of users from over 100 countries and areas joined AEX during the past 9 years. 8 international headquarters respectively located in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, the UK, Singapore, Vietnam, France and the United Arab Emirates.

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