DES MOINES, Iowa (WHO) — A Thin But Powerful Difference Race / Embodiment is an art exhibition at Drake University’s Anderson Art Gallery that is running through February 19th.

The exhibition showcases local artists of color and historical artifacts to tell Iowa’s racial history.

The exhibition was put together by Drake Professor Dr. Lenore Metrick-Chen and the Race / Art Curating Class of 2022. The exhibit first debuted in November.

Thursday also marks the 25th anniversary of the Anderson Gallery. Linah Anderson, the Anderson Gallery Exhibitions and Community Outreach Manager, said that the gallery planned on having the current exhibit during their anniversary.

“We are celebrating our 25th anniversary of this gallery space and this exhibition was selected to be the exhibition that we had up during that so we think that is exciting,” Anderson said.

The gallery’s celebration is 5 pm-7 pm and will feature some of the artists, curators, and a historian, that made the exhibition possible.

Anderson said that the current exhibition isn’t the only art installation the gallery has had on race.

“This isn’t the first you know type of this exhibition that we’ve had here and its something that’s been important to the gallery in our 25-year history to make sure that we are having an array of different kinds of exhibitions and that we are presenting diverse voices in our gallery,” Anderson said.

To learn more about the Anderson Gallery or A Thin But Powerful Difference Race / Embodiment, visit the gallery’s website.