Wesley Thoene

Wesley has been part of KCAU 9 team since August 2017. 

Wes grew up in northeast Nebraska as the fourth of six children before heading to south-central Nebraska for college. While at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, Wes earned a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication. While at college, Wes was a Resident Advisor for three years and was part of the student activities association. Having always been a public speaker, he dipped his toes into broadcast and took a radio workshop course, able to be a DJ on the college radio station. 

After college, Wes worked until moving home to help at the family store. After reevaluating his career path, he fondly remembered his time behind a mic. Wes decided to enroll at Northeast Community College in Norfolk to work towards a broadcasting degree. While doing that, he also worked part-time in the news department of a local radio station, WJAG. There, Wes learned to hone his craft of writing news stories as well as his behind-the-mic skills for when he would also occasionally deejay for KEXL, WJAG’s sister station, where he would provide his animal story of the day. (Did you know caterpillars are the hot dogs of the animal kingdom, that wombats have cube-shaped poops, or that the largest stick insect thought to be extinct was discovered on a remote island near New Zealand?)

One thing Wes has learned through his exploratory years is that he enjoys learning as well as informing others, either with interesting tidbits or information they should know. Being in the News Department is a great opportunity to do just that. While he isn’t certain what he’ll do next, he is excited to tell those willing to listen about the new animal fact he just learned. 

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