Sam Sanderson

Born in northeastern South Dakota, I grew up on a farm a mile south of Claremont. My interest in news came along when I was around eight, waking up early and watching Good Morning America and then The Weather Channel for the remainder of the day (I wasn’t like the other kids).

After graduating from Langford Area, I pursued a Mass Communications degree at the University of South Dakota (Go Yotes). During my four years at USD, I was active in our campus TV and radio station, hosting a few shows, doing on-air sports commentary,  and creating ads and promos. I also shot and scripted stories for our TV news broadcast. During my last semester, I was given the chance to be the radio station’s news director, which reintroduced me to my interest in the news.

Before joining KCAU 9 in July, I worked in the production side at South Dakota Public Broadcasting, as well as experience working at a radio station out in Mankato, Minnesota, and a local newspaper in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

In my free time, I like to watch a good movie, put on headphones and listen to some music, play some Madden, get in the car and take a road trip with friends or go back home to the farm and help the family.

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