Nikolas Wilson

Nikolas grew up in Duluth, MN, and attended college at the University of South Dakota. He began as an English major, but switched to media and journalism because it felt like a better fit. Nik wanted to be a storyteller. He also wanted to pursue a career that would allow him to learn more about local communities.

While at USD, Nik’s interest in sports led him to get involved with college student media. But, it was his nose for news and human interest that drove him to more opportunities. After spending time with USD’s student newspaper and radio station, Nik moved on to the school’s televised news station and that sparked his true passion. 

“I love broadcast news because it combines unique storytelling with captivating video. I enjoy covering stories that highlight the creativity and passion of local communities. More than anything, I crave variety.” In college, Nik covered stories about politics, sports, local businesses and outdoor activities, to name a few.  

“I’m thrilled to learn about all the interesting hobbies, events and people that make Siouxland so special. I look forward to covering Siouxland with accuracy and genuine curiosity.”

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