Weather is something I’ve always had an interest in, but never really knew it until I was in college.

I grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, so weather was very impactful all year. We would get heavy rain and flooding, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, and even a snowstorm or two. I really became fascinated with weather when we would get snow, because an inch of snow would close school for the day. I remember waking up at 4 AM and looking outside to see if the snow that was forecasted fell overnight. If there was a blanket of snow, the first thing I would do is turn on the news to see how much we got, if we’re going to get more, and if school was closed. If school was closed, I would continue watching the news until the sun was up, and then I would play in the snow all morning.

As I got older, I still got excited about snow and what the weather was doing, but even in high school I had no idea that I wanted to be a meteorologist. I went to school at UNC Charlotte undecided on my major, and for the first semester had clue what I was doing there. I took an earth science class my second semester of my freshman year and my professor was actually a meteorologist, so he would make lectures very weather heavy, and I loved it. From then on, I knew that I wanted to get my B.S. in Meteorology, and that’s what I did when I graduated in 2017.

My next step towards my current position was an internship with Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich at WCNC in Charlotte, NC. I learned a lot from him during that time and it helped me land my first on-air job at KREX 5 News in Grand Junction, Colorado, in November 2017. I was the Weekend Meteorologist as well as a news reporter during the week, and I learned a lot there. I had the chance to forecast mountain snowstorms and even a few severe thunderstorms, which doesn’t happen too often there. I learned how to present the weather and it really got my feet wet with the TV business and how to be a meteorologist on-air.

I spent a year and a half there, but I was ready to forecast weather 5 days a week, so now I’m here doing that. I’m extremely excited to forecast the very dynamic weather that happens here. It feels a lot like North Carolina as far as the scenery goes, except the weather is more extreme compared to what I grew up with, and as a meteorologist, that’s a great thing! I’m looking forward to providing the best forecast I can to inform, entertain ,and keep you safe when dangerous weather is here.

Being from North Carolina, I’m a huge Carolina Panthers fan, and if I had the ability to attend every single one of their games, I would do that without even thinking about it. I really like listening to all types of rock music, and I’m looking forward to attending some concerts here in Sioux City over the coming months. I also like getting outdoors and hiking with my Fiancé and dog Winston, which is something I often did in Colorado thanks to the mountains and seemingly endless trails.

If you have any hiking spots, weather pictures or questions, or just things and places I should check out around Sioux City, feel free to shoot me an email or message on Facebook or Twitter!

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