Liz Roop

Hi Siouxland!

I’m Liz Roop. I joined the KCAU 9 team in April 2022, and I’m currently the producer for Good Day Siouxland.

I’m not exactly a Siouxland native (I’ve lived all over the Midwest), but I’ve spent most of my years here since I was in high school. I’m a proud Morningside U. alum (class of 2020, English and World History). Siouxland is a beautiful region full of people with different viewpoints and different stories who come together to make a unique whole.

Growing up, my dream was to be a fiction author… which developed into wanting to be a history professor/researcher in my college years… and later into wanting to be a pastor… and then a journalist. I’ve always cared about recording the events that matter to people, so that they can be preserved for those who come later. I see being a journalist as sort of like being a historian in real time.

I’ve always kept a close eye on the news and current events as far back as I can remember—I was the weird little kid who got concerned when my parents forgot to tune into the evening news, and faithfully watched NHK World (an English-language morning news show broadcast out of Tokyo) on public television every afternoon when I was in middle school. (I can speak/read/write an intermediate amount of Japanese, and spent a few months living in Hirakatashi, Japan in 2019.) Outside of work, I keep a close eye on some newspapers and a couple of major news magazines.

As someone who’s passionate about the written (and spoken) word, it’s also important to me that the records of the events that happen and people’s reactions to those events are told truthfully—factually—in a way that makes them matter to the reader/listener/watcher. A good way to sum up my goals as a producer is to present the facts, and to tell the stories that matter to the people who matter (in this case, our viewers and our incredible community as a whole).

When I’m not reading, watching, or writing the news, my hobbies include playing Nintendo games (especially Kirby!), watching Studio Ghibli movies, collecting memorabilia related to my interests, and learning as much as I can about NASA, the 1960s space race, and astronomy in general. I also love spending time with my four younger siblings (three brothers and a sister) and my orange tabby cat Prince.

You can send me your thoughts about Good Day Siouxland, current events, or really any subject that interests you on Facebook or Twitter @KCAU9Liz.

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