Laila Freeman

I’ve always had a passion for media-related careers. As a child, I admired stop motion animation. Although I was born in Washington state, I grew up in northwest Iowa, which meant little opportunity to pursue any sort of career in animation. So, I tried the next best thing.

After receiving my high school credentials, I attended Western Iowa Tech Community College for an Associate’s Degree in Video and Media Production. It was during my time in school that I gained a passion for working on production and media related projects. Towards the end of my education, my instructors nudged me towards writing for news, and that’s where I excelled the most. Looking back on my experiences, it seems I’ve always been encouraged to write by teachers and family. I graduated from Western Iowa Tech in May of 2020, and I accepted my job at KCAU 9 the day after my graduation.

I spend a lot of my free time playing board games or video games, reading, listening to podcasts (my favorite one is Lore), and binge-watching television. I’m more of an indoors person when it comes to hobbies, but I don’t mind getting out once and a while.

This is my first job at a news station, and I’m excited to experience the world of news. I feel very welcomed at KCAU 9 and hope to keep the public informed about what’s happening in the community.

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