Who’s The Director?


Do you have a Director of First Impressions? 

If not, you should.  It could be costing your company customers and you don’t even know it.  

Everyone knows advertising brings in new customers, but when they contact your business, how is your “Director of First Impressions”? How do they make your customers feel when they first walk in?

Within seconds of initial contact, whether it be on the phone, email or in person, the person with first contact could delight or disappoint them.  

Who is your “Director of First Impressions”?  They might not have that that title now but that’s absolutely what they are. 

In business, it could be your receptionist, salesperson or a counter person in your association.  That person, whoever they may be, holds great power for the image of your company. 

If you have the wrong person or do not yet have a “Director of First Impressions”, here are a few things to look for when interviewing:

  • Energetic and friendly with people
  • Forward thinking (what’s the next step)
  • Good communication and written skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Smiles often
  • Professional appearance
  • Practices empathy
  • Is an honest, team player
  • Positive attitude (about your company and towards your customers)
  • Speaks warmly, but clearly over the phone
  • Stays cool and patient in difficult situations

Hiring a new person or moving an existing one away from the first contact position could increase your business and put you at the top for customer service in your industry. 

Building a media campaign to bring new customers in to sample your product or service is essential to growing your business. Your “Director of First Impressions” needs to be at the forefront with a welcoming smile and the knowledge to assist them promptly.  

Hire one now!….you will never get a chance to make a first impression again.  

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