3 Quick Tips For Small Businesses – Optimizing For Conversions


Did you know there are oodles of things that can help reinforce your contact page?

So first things first. What is a conversion anyway? For those that might not know this somewhat familiar marketing terminology, it’s the successful funneling of a website visitor/video-viewer/ad-clicker into a buyer/purchaser/connection. Getting in front of your potential customers on the internet is the easy part. We know who they are, what they do and when they are doing it. We place your advertisement or video right between their eyes and whaala! Instant customer right? Not that easy.

Unfortunately too many ads today link to an advertiser’s homepage or worse, their Facebook page. This is not optimal for a lot of reasons. Mainly because of the distance from point A (seeing ad or link, etc) and point B (clicking that confirm/submit button). Get them to what you are promising and make it snappy. That’s what internet users want. That’s what online buyers want. And don’t forget! Make sure the landing page is cohesive to the reason they landed there in the first place. That is, the advertisement imagery or graphics. Try identical or similar fonts if necessary. Logos, message most importantly the relationship to the call to action. If it said “Download Now!”, then you better have a download button on that page or at the bottom of a form. Or that potential customer will most certainly bounce (snuck another marketing term in there).

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