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WITCC culinary students prepare last meal for final

A Russian style cuisine prepared in two hours

SIOUX CITY, Iowa - Students in Western Iowa Tech's culinary program prepared their best international meals for their final.

"This really puts to test all the different things that they've learned and then it's applied in a very unique way," says Chef Brett McCarthy, program coordinator. 

Students had two hours to prepare a Russian-inspired recipe that they could all sit down and eat together for their final presentation.

"Oh, yeah this is a lot better than any test I've ever taken," says Justin Aguirre, culinary student.
They've prepared the whole school year for this, and their progression has not gone unnoticed.

"It's been a great journey. From watching them not being able to hold their knives properly to not being able to read a recipe. Like, 'here's your recipe, go do it,' and they do it," says Chef Nick Gunn, professor. 

Jamie Perez asks, "What was the most challenging part for you?"
"Knife skills. Freshman year,' says Renae Oolman, student
Hours of technique and crafting the culinary arts; a program that's landed hundreds of these young chefs jobs straight out of college.

They've had the privilege of learning from some of the best staff at McCarthy and Bailey's, M's on 4th, and Wells Blue Bunny. In fact, you can find a graduate of this program or a current student working at around 30 different restaurants in the Sioux City area.

Many of these soon-to-be graduates have already landed jobs at Disney World, Northwest College, Mercy, Main and Abbey, and more.

So next time you go out for a meal in the Siouxland area, your food may very well be prepared by someone in this graduating class.

"I love just making something different every day. No two days have been the same, it's been really fun learning different things, learning to cook from different countries," says Oolman.
"I enjoy cooking, it's my passion. I love learning different techniques of cooking and stuff. I've just loved cooking since I was little," says Charlie McIntosh, student. 


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