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Warmer week, with another chance for snow Wednesday

Winter storm watch is in effect for Woodbury county, as well as NE area

APRIL 16, 2018 - No snow in the forecast for today or Tuesday, but as we head into Tuesday night, things could change. 

Tonight will get below freezing, and with plenty of snow melting today, some of that could re-freeze and we could see some slick spots in the morning. 

Tomorrow, with a lot of bare spots on the ground, temperatures will increase into the 50's and that is going to hinder the snowfall amounts coming Wednesday. 


SIOUX CITY:  Trace-2"




The system is expecting to come through overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.  Fortunately because the snow was blowing around so much, there were many bare spots on the ground.  This allows the sunlight to soak up somewhere, heating us up.  This trend will continue, warming us up to the low 50's Tuesday.  Temperatures will take a while to cool back down, so we will see mostly rain, and by the time it switches to snow, much of the system should be moved out by then.  

Since we are expecting low snowfall amounts, to nothing, I am looking for the Winter Storm Watch in Woodbury County to be canceled in the next day or so. 

Little Wednesday snowfall will also allow us to heat right back up into the 50's and even 60's in the following days. 

We also have one more chance to see some rain on Saturday, but if we get a decent amount of snow, that could drop temperatures, potentially bringing another winter system.  At the moment, temperatures are too high to produce snow, but we will keep watching it. 


Austin Kopnitsky - Weekend Meteorologist, KCAU 9 News

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