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Donated wigs stolen from cancer patient's doorstep

Christina Carter says she just wants the package returned

SIOUX CITY, Iowa - Christina Carter has lost many things in her life... her job, her health, her son's education, and on Monday, she discovered one more thing in her life missing. 

"I just can't believe that somebody would go that low to steal a cancer patient's wig," Carter. 

A group of strangers in Des Moines worked together to put together a package of wigs to bring back confidence for this Sioux City cancer patient. 

"It's just unreal," says Carter. 

"She was in the midst of chemo, she's very sick and she just lost her job recently, her son had quit school and he's 16 to help support her and she was trying to raise money with a GoFundMe and I clicked on it but it was at zero," says Lysa Youngquist, Carter's friend. 

Youngquist hadn't spoken to Carter in nearly 30 years, but they remained friends on Facebook. After seeing one of Carter's posts linked to a GoFundMe page to help pay for medical expenses, Youngquist decided to share it. 

She and some friends have since raised more than $3,000, but they wanted to give Carter something more.

"I can't take her cancer away but maybe I can take away some of the other burden that comes along with that...I'm just going to see if I can find some hair for her. So I put another post up, and sent some messages out to some girl friends of mine who I knew had had breast cancer," says Youngquist. 

Five hundred dollars worth of wigs, scarves, and other accessories all packaged up set to arrive right here on her doorstep.  

"They said it would be there about Monday. So Monday about 5 o'clock she reached out to me and said you know that package never arrived and I stayed home all day," says Youngquist.

The packed was confirmed delivered by UPS, yet Carter was still empty-handed. They are hoping at this point, whoever took the package will simply return it. 

"Bring it back. No harm, no foul. Just bring it back," says Carter. 

"I know there's bad people that do things like this, there's 10 more people that are going to turn around and make this right," says Youngquist. 

You can support her by donating to her GoFundMe page by clicking here.

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