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Attempted kidnap of a young girl in her own backyard

Neighbors are shocked it happened to someone close by

Sioux City, IOWA - People that live on South Cypress street described the neighborhood as a quiet place where everyone looks out for each other. And yet it's the street where a young girl was allegedly grabbed by a stranger in her own backyard. 

 “It’s a really scary thing to think that anybody could come up and try and grab your child,” says Sioux City resident Paula Bainbridge.

It’s any parents worse nightmare- your child being abducted. Thankfully, that didn’t happen but on Tuesday May 15th, it almost did. 

The family didn’t want to talk about it on camera but even family friends say it’s something that’s made them more aware of their surroundings, even in a neighborhood where no one expected this to happen. 

“Things like this happen in a split second so if it would happen that fast.. I mean she’s 13 she’s a beautiful girl. I just I don’t even want to take that chance, I don’t think any parent would,” says Bainbridge. 

Police say no neighborhood is free from harm, a reality that can be hard to grasp. 

“Seriousness is obviously incredibly huge. You hear the big buzzword lately of sexual trafficking. It does happen that children are taken and never come home,” says Sargent Ryan Bertrand.

Kids need to be watched. Even trusting your child doesn’t mean everyone else should be trusted around them. Having that conversation could be the first step… 

“Parents talk to your kids, have a plan. Do the what if with them, find those teachable moments. Ask them if someone came up and asked you for a ride right now what would you do? What would you say to them or how would you get away?’ You know, have those conversations with your kid when you can. This story itself could be very helpful to a lot of people where they could actually have that sit down tonight with their family,” says Bertrand.

The alleged attacker is described as a young white male possible in his twenty’s with dark hair. He was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans and supposedly fled the scene by foot. For now, The investigation is ongoing.

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