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Advertise with KCAU 9! serves as a community portal for KCAU 9 which serves parts of Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota! is the source of information for everything that is relevant and important in our communities.

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If you or your company wishes to explore the powers of and other digital marketing efforts, please contact our Digital Sales Manager:

Aaron Thiele

Digital Sales Manager

Phone: 712.224.6762

Fax: 712.224.9621


If you or your company wishes to explore the powers of KCAU 9 marketing on air, please contact our Local Sales Manager:

Jennifer McReynolds

Local Sales Manager

Phone: 712.224.6758

Fax: 712.224.9621


If you or your company wishes to explore the powers of KCAU 9 marketing for political purposes, please contact our General Sales Manager:

Dan Marsh

General Sales Manager

Phone: 712.277.2345 x3200

Fax: 712.224.9621


Below you will find a list of the sales team at KCAU 9. If you would like to get more information about advertising on KCAU 9 or,  You can call our sales office during our regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM) at 712.277.2345.

Angie Galles

Integrated Marketing Specialist

712.277.2345 x3206

Pat O’Connor       

Integrated Marketing Specialist

712.277.2345 x3204

Pat Rooney

Integrated Marketing Specialist

712.277.2345 x3205

Natalie Payne

Integrated Marketing Specialist

712.277.2345 x3207

Integrated Marketing Specialist

712.277.2345 x3209

Brandi Wetzel

Integrated Marketing Specialist

712.277.2345 x3214

Mindy Brinkerhoff

Executive Sales Assistant

712.277.2345 x3213

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